Handling airfreight has been the core activity of BBV Logistics Support since the start in 2010. Receiving cargo, checking cargo, labelling, screening and preparing for onforwarding are the most known activities.

We are member of ACN – Air Cargo Netherlands and a Registered Agent, which means we are fully compliant to handle airfreight in accordance with the EU Air Cargo Rules and Regulations. Our airfreight operations are available 24/7/365.

Our service portfolio consist of the following services:

  • Receiving Cargo
  • Checking Cargo (Dimensional checks, weight checks, identify irregularities)
  • Labelling air cargo
  • Screening air cargo
  • Restacking
  • Build and break ULD’s (Unit Load Devices)
  • Load and unload vehicles/trucks

We are a full handling service company, where we are providing our services to Forwarders/Cargo Agents, (Offline) Cargo Airlines and Wholesale Cargo companies. It is very clear we provide these services at a high quality and security level, where neutrality is key.

Are you interested in our airfreight handling services or do you have any questions? Contact our team and we will for sure be able to provide you a valuable aircargo handling solution.

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